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Welcome to Örebrokompaniet

Örebrokompaniet is the marketing agency of Örebro Municipality.

Our job is to promote Örebro for relocation, establishment, talent acquisition, and visitors. We do this with the aim of positioning Örebro as an attractive destination for individuals and businesses. We work independently and in close collaboration with other stakeholders, both public and private.

Örebrokompaniet is a municipal company and part of the Örebro Rådhus AB group along with other municipal companies.

Our goal is to strengthen the Örebro brand
A clearer and more attractive position creates better conditions for sustainable development in Örebro. Therefore, everything we do has the same goal – to strengthen the Örebro brand.

At its core, it’s about increasing awareness of and curiosity about all the great things here. It’s about getting more people to discover that Örebro is a place that offers more possibilities and a greater life.

Would you like to know more or share a great idea?
You can find contact information for us at Örebrokompaniet here.